We’re all dumping water on our heads

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which is this thing that’s happening right now* in which someone willingly dumps a bucket of ice water on themselves lest they have to make a charitable donation to ALS (sometimes they do both). Friends, cohorts and enemies are also challenged to do the same within 24 hours, lest they look like a fool:

Below are the common Internet opinions regarding this current trope:

1. It’s raising attention and money for a worthy charity by way of social media.

2. It’s not really raising attention about the disease because people rarely mention ALS in their videos.

3. People are wasting water to avoid giving to charity while making it about themselves**

4. It’s lame when a celebrity does it without giving money.***

5.  There are more important things going on in the world.****

If I’m picturing the future, I don’t think the history books will have chapter dedicated to an internet fad that will be over by the time I finish this sentence. Not to take away from ALS or the attention raised for it or any charity, cause, disease, social issue, injustice, or problem that needs the support social media can often help foster and create… I just don’t see a point to the conversation. The campaign is doing exactly what it was designed to do and that’s fantastic.

Dump water on your heads, write a cheque, do both, do neither. Whatever you do, someone out there in the vast cornfield of the internet is going to think you’re the devil for it.

Annotations follow this photo of two bears fighting/dancing/fight-dancing: 

* Other things that are happening right now: turmoil in the Ukraine, ISIS are being dicks again, Ferguson

** The whole thing is like an analogy for our ignorance to the rest of the world’s problems that we get to debate and dissect while continuing to enjoy those hilarious celebrity entries or the Youtube highlight reels of people fucking it up. It’s an invented controversy that breeds more media. And no, I’m not complaining. I swear! What’s more funny than some four-beer douchebag hauling his kids into the yard on Saturday afternoon to hold the camera and witness as the 50 litre bucket of hose water and 7-11 bag-ice that his wife suddenly can’t balance on the railing falls down bottom-first onto his fat head? Dad slumps over obviously concussed; two of the kids are laughing, the youngest thinks he’s dead. The wife is more pissed about the railing because she knows she was right and he should have got a contractor for but cheaped out and did it himself AGAIN. The good news is douchebag technically completed the challenge- as after the bottom of the bucket smashed his head, it bounced off the supporting post of the deck and drenched him- and thus he doesn’t have to give any money to ALS research, so he can fix the railing or buy Tylenol, I guess. The comedy doesn’t fall in these sad moments of truth one can think about in his or her quiet moments, rather the realization that the people who are embarrassed and hurt in some of these videos ultimately chose to put them online and share with the world. 

*** George W Bush did it with class and grace. I hope he paints a picture of the experience. 

**** There always are. What’s your point if only to be different?


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