Uncle Dick’s Sick-Ass Roadtrip

I wrote the following tale of adolescent loss/avuncularly tomfoolery over a 36 hour typing binge in the spring of 2007 when  I was an under-employed wannabe screenwriter trying to figure out a way to make money with my whimsical coming of age stories. Some facts about the script, which may or may not deter you from reading the complete 99 pages:

1.  It is a first draft so the spelling/story may leave something to be desired.

2. The last name “Kranson” is indeed a reference to Bryan Cranston, however as this script was written well before Breaking Bad please note that I was paying homage to Mr. Cranson’s work in Malcolm in the Middle.

3. If you imagine Tim Allen as Uncle Dick, it’s funnier.

Uncle Dick’s Sick-Ass Roadtrip is a feature screenplay written by me, Andrew Menzies, available to read through Google Docs after the jump. Enjoy.

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