Bob & Andrew – Season 2

As has become the customary once-weekly reflection on days past (hereafter referred to as “Throwback Thursday”), here is the second and final season of the partially self-titled webseries I co-wrote/starred in.

There’s a lot of splendid weirdness in the comedy that myself and writing partner Bob Woolsey were able to insert into these episodes. As a whole, it’s something I’m immensely proud of; This webseries- particularly these episodes- ring truest to the comedic voice Bob and I worked to cultivate over a number of years and projects, and we wouldn’t have gotten there without the support of our friends who trusted us one hundred percent.   I felt and still feel a great privilege to be on set and work with a stellar cast and crew we were able to entice to come out and play each weekend. It was honestly some of the most fun I had making comedy in Vancouver. Episodes 2 and 5 are personal favorites.

It is strange however, when life imitates art.

One comment

  1. I too greatly enjoyed working on this project. It’s probably the highlight of everything I’ve worked on so far in terms of the amount of fun and the artistic reward I still feel watching it.


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