The Boardroom

For Throwback Thursday- which I’m surprised has yet to be recognized as a national holiday- here are three short, violently offensive sketches featuring the talents of the Alex Dafoe, Wade Fennig, Ryan Tapping and my father, Marcel Perro, co-written by myself and Bob Woolsey.

Because I have a terrible memory, I can’t guarantee that this is true but I vaguely recall  that the premise of these started with a mutual friend suggesting to Bob and I that it would be funny for a series of sketches about a group of suits in a boardroom making decisions throughout history. So naturally, we stole this idea and decided on JFK’s assassination and the invention of soccer. Gentleman, scholar and bandit Keith Opatovsky filmed the shorts that I do believe were screened at the occasional Idle Minds show. Check out their website and like them on the Facebook. And if you’re in or around Vancouver, check out their live shows. They’re funny fuckers.

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