Growing up in the northern working class town of Prince George, BC, Andrew Menzies developed a keen eye for comedy at a young age. With an unwarranted habit of questioning authority, the status quo and anything that took itself too seriously, Andrew began turning his musings into words and stuff in his early teens. He was awarded a “Future Author Award” in the seventh grade, not because his short story about the kidnapping of a hockey coach’s son was the best, but rather he was the only student in his age category who submitted anything. A quiet victory, but a victory nonetheless.

With a penchant for the absurd, Andrew also enjoys dabbling in parody, satire and tales of the human condition. Andrew’s short film “Forked”- shot by Morris Chapdelaine in conjunction with his attendance at VFS- was been screened in the student work category at Cannes in 2006, as well as several Canadian film festivals. His TV pilots “The Furniture Man” and “One Handed, One Hearted” have been read at the Anza Club’s monthly Cold Reading series in Vancouver. Andrew (along with Bob Woolsey) won Best Writing for their short “Best. Christmas. Ever.” at the 2009 RainCity Laughing Stock 72 Hour Film Festival. Andrew and Bob also co-wrote and starred in a two-season webseries “Bob & Andrew”, which was nominated for a Leo Award in 2011. In 2012, Andrew’s feature screenplay “Do Something with Your Life” was turned into an independant feature film produced by Borrowtime Films.

Andrew is currently based out of Vancouver, BC.

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